Shoppable Selection #2: Elevated Essentials For Men

Elevated essentials for men - part of our series of shoppable selections.

We get it, you’re not a fancy dresser. For you, style always comes second to practicality. But formal dinners, company events, weddings, presentations or, why not, fancy dates, do require some special attention.

For such events you’ll want to dress sharp, without going overboard. You’ll want a clean look that projects a strong attitude, while still letting you feel at ease. To achieve this, it’s worth getting some elevated essentials well ahead of time.

Scroll down and read to see what we mean.

Suit (Jacket & Trousers)

Solid Wool Suit

When chosen correctly, a good suit will change your posture, make you stand up taller and give you an overall impenetrable, put together vibe. And if you’re planning to get just one suit – because there are only so many weddings in one season and business lunches are not really your thing – then make it a single-breasted one, in a dark shade of gray and with only two buttons. This will become your go-to outfit for any formal event that may come up, thanks to its simplicity and versatility.

There is one catch, though: the fit. This is the difference between just meeting the dress code criteria and actually looking good. A quick rule of thumb is to get the tightest fit possible that still allows you to move and sit freely. But not tighter.

Formal Shirt

Dress Shirt

Whether you wear yours to feel sharp for a private occasion or simply to add a bit more credibility to an important presentation, a formal shirt is a must-have in your arsenal. Pair it with some slim fit trousers in a strong blueand a matching suit jacket for an instantly perked up workweek look.

Lightweight Sweater

V-Neck Sweater

A light V-neck sweater is an elevated essential that is, simply put, a must have. Easy to wear with jeans, a shirt and, say, a bomber jacket, the sweater will make you look calm, approachable and trustworthy. All without sacrificing comfort.



The thing is, you don’t always have to put up with the constraints of formal suiting in order to look sophisticated. For slightly less formal occasions, go for a gray coat with an expressive check print. And yes, underneath you are free to stick to your casual jeans-shirt-and-sweater combination. The coat itself will do all the heavy lifting.

Derby Shoes

Derby Shoes

Sometimes, sneakers just won’t do. So, whenever being put together is mandatory, strike the right balance between style and comfort with a pair of derbies. These classics work well with both jeans and chinos, making your dress up days a bit more bearable. And, sure enough, you can opt out of browns or blacks and go for sleek grays for added versatility.


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