12 Gray-Dress Accessories That Make You Feel Chic

A rundown of daytime and nighttime pairings.

Whites, tans, metallics, neons, glossy blacks and more! The choice of accessories for a gray dress is pretty much endless, because gray is simply unmatched in versatility.

But there is a method to the madness. Each category of accessories works best in a specific context. In the edition below we’re looking at what goes where. And when.

Read, shop & enjoy!

Gray-Dress Accessories For Daytime

Best Accessories To Wear With A Gray Dress: Whites


Crossbody bag

A gray dress grounded by a pair of white sneakers is a no-brainer if you’re looking for something casual to wear. Plus, it’s a combination that can be worn almost all year round – just throw on a leather or denim jacket when it gets chillier.

White sneakers are classics for a reason. They pair well with day dresses and give your outfit an air of effortlessness. Options range from low tops like Stan Smiths to high tops like Converse.

The finishing touch? A contrasting backpack or shoulder bag with a sporty feel for a super clean and crisp look.

Dress-wise, your best bet is a mini or midi dress made from a casual, comfortable material like cotton.

Best Accessories To Wear With A Gray Dress: Tans, Nudes & Browns



If you’re going for a serious, office-ready look, pairing your gray dress with tans, nudes and browns is a simple way to achieve it. As this color combination is somewhat restrained, it works well whenever loud colors and prints aren’t an option.

To put it into practice, wear a gray shift dress with minimal tan shoes and a matching bag. Bonus points if you cinch it at the waist with a coordinating belt. Super chic!

Best Accessories To Wear With A Gray Dress: Other Grays

Over the knee boots


Going all out with a power look? The easiest way to pull it off is to pick all gray… everything! When a single color is worn from head to toe, it shows thoughtfulness and dedication to details which, in turn, will make you look more sophisticated.

Plus, monochrome looks have been making the street style rounds as of late, so now’s the time to try them out! Win this challenge by pairing dark gray thigh high boots with a dress and coat in a similar shade of gray.

Gray-Dress Accessories For Nighttime

Best Accessories To Wear With A Gray Dress: Bold Pops Of Color

Faux fur


This is the perfect time to go bold or go home. On a particularly chic evening, opt for the slinkiest or lightest dress you can find (in gray, of course) and wear it with a cozy coat and a pair of shoes that are anything but subtle.

What color should they be? Well, anything from flaming pinks to neon yellows and royal purples! Or make a statement with a faux fur and look-at-me sandals, both in a rich red hue.

Best Accessories To Wear With A Gray Dress: Metallics



Heading out for a special occasion? Then wear metallic accessories to supercharge your look! Ideal for everything from a fancy cocktail to a girls’ night out, this type of accessories can pull any outfit out of the rut.

And if your favorite going-out dress happens to be gray, you’re in luck: it will pair especially well with alluring, silver metals. Going for some barely-there sandals with sparkly details and for an eye-catching handbag will make you stand out without any use of color.

Best Accessories To Wear With A Gray Dress: All Black


Belt bag

There’s a reason why black is a mainstay in so many wardrobes: its universal appeal is undeniable.

Just pair black with gray when you want to go for a serious, formal, vixen vibe. And yes, black and gray don’t instantly sound exciting. But don’t be quick to dismiss them, because this is the combination you need for a polished, elevated look.

Start with shoes with a patent finish and with handbags with texture and shine. And, since black and gray are so tame, you can push your styling a bit further than usual. For example, add a shimmery belt bag if you’re heading out to party. Your hands will be free, your possessions safe and your coolness factor will go through the roof. Have fun!


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