Gray + Color Looks That Can Make Getting Dressed A Whole Lot Easier

Six shoppable outfits and a bonus styling tip.

There’s no beating around the bush: when it comes to wearing colors, things can get tricky, fast. And for good reason: sometimes you can’t be bothered (or just don’t have the time) to find those exact combinations that work well in the real world.

So we went right ahead and created them for you. And, of course, each of them features gray clothes, because that’s the most efficient way of putting together a balanced outfit.

Gray Color Combinations For Clothes: Gray Tops + Colorful Bottoms

LEFT: Shirt JacketT-shirtChinos, Sneakers; MIDDLE: T-shirt, Pants, Sneakers; RIGHT: Sweater, Pants, Sneakers.

First up, gray tops with colorful bottoms.

A gray shirt or overshirt looks good when layered over a simple, neutral T-shirt. Don’t worry about the lack of color up top, the intense bottom will more than compensate for it. Go for a pair of colorful chinos and matching sneakers or boots. The key here is to tie everything together with small details that complement each other, like the hue of the shoe laces and that of the pants.

When wearing a gray T-shirt (be it long sleeve or short sleeve), you can pretty much go crazy with the bottom part. So crazy in fact, that even a pair of pants in three different colors is a perfectly acceptable choice. Just sandwich them between the gray T-shirt and some shoes in a similar (but not identical) shade of gray.

Lastly, when wearing gray sweatshirts or sweaters, a good idea is to experiment with length. And since the top will be rather voluminous and the textile itself is bound to be somewhat thick, you could go a bit lighter on the bottom with a pair of pants that leave your ankles exposed. As for footwear, you could get a pair of gray sneakers with contrasting details.

Gray Color Combinations For Clothes: Gray Bottoms + Colorful Tops

LEFT: Shirt, Sweater, Jeans, Sneakers; MIDDLE: Jogger Pants, Shirt, T-Shirt, Sneakers; RIGHT: Trousers, T-shirt, SweatshirtSneakers.

Next up, gray bottoms.

Let’s start with the essentials that always come to mind first: gray jeans. They are particularly easy to style for everyday wear. Just leave plain T-shirts aside and go for a patterned shirt plus a matching wool-blend sweater. Then, push yourself a bit further and wear a contrasting pair of sneakers in a vivid hue.

What would life be without a pair of comfy sweatpants? Liven them up with a burgundy T-shirt layered under a casual cotton shirt and ground the outfit with a pair of sneakers in a darker color.

And, finally: gray flannel trousers will look modern if they’re cropped right above the ankle. Pair them with a cocktail of colors up top – this type of pants can sustain any snazzy ideas you throw at them. Complete the look with light sneakers for extra styling points.

Gray Color Combinations For Clothes: Gray + Neutrals

Ok, ok.

You got us.

Neutrals don’t fit intuitively into this gray + color rundown. But they must be mentioned nonetheless, since they are precisely halfway between colors and non-colors.

Ironically, they are the most frequently discredited, yet the most often worn hues of all. And that’s a shame, because neutrals can enhance any other hues with little to no effort. Ecru, for example, creates a pleasant contrast against a dark gray background, while the slightly darker beige pairs well with lighter gray accents.

Develop your own mixes simply by deciding how much contrast you’re after – there is no hard rule to follow.


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