How To Look Great Wearing Gray

We’ve made it our mission to highlight the outstanding benefits of gray clothes and accessories.

Do you wear gray because you just grabbed something from your wardrobe that was good enough? Or do you wear it because it’s the only thing that expresses your well-defined personal style?

If it’s the first case, you‘re right.

If it‘s the latter, you‘re also right.

The truth is that gray is an effortless, versatile and safe option that will never fail you. And, whether your interest in style is marginal or you’re a seasoned fashionista, the tips below will inspire you and make dressing easier every morning.

How To Wear Gray With Color And Look Great

Wearing a colored T-shirt with gray jeans is a no-brainer. Pull them on, walk out the door and no-one will give you a second look. But when you do want that second look or when you just want to feel good about yourself, you should pick a specific color, one that‘s aesthetically pleasing when paired with gray. Here’s how to do that.

Start by deciding if you’re looking for a quiet pastel color or for something bold and saturated. 

The best muted colors that go really well with gray are soft pink, powder blue, mint green, cream.

The best eye-catching color pairings with gray are blood red, dark blue, avocado green, mustard.

Then, keep this in mind: you should avoid mixing more than three hues at once (be them bold or muted), in order to keep things simple and visually appealing.

Done: you look polished and feel fabulous!

How To Wear Gray With Gray And Look Great

Not keen on wearing colors of any sort? No worries. You can pull off an exceptional look made up only of our trusted, achromatic gray.

One way to go about it is to choose similar tones of gray. The result will be a uniform, calm and curated outfit that shows intention and dedication. (And looks fantastic to boot!)

The other way is to unapologetically wear different tones of gray – the more different, the better. Think: radically light gray plus dramatic dark gray that borders on black.

Whichever you choose, you’ll notice that wearing gray head to toe is liberating and visually stunning. Even with no color added, this streamlined, curated look will amplify your presence.

How To Wear Gray With Textures And Look Great

Once you’ve mastered your (a)chromatic pairings and you’re ready to take things even further, the next aspect to work with is texture.

Given its neutral essence, gray looks fantastic with almost all surface variations and accents.

In warm weather, consider breathable linen for a stark look and mild cotton for a softer, cosier look. In the colder months, go all in with faux fur and giant knits.

Zipper details and buttons, when used for aesthetic purposes, can also add an extra bit of drama to motorcycle jackets or double-breasted coats.


We’ve made it our mission to highlight the outstanding benefits of gray clothes and accessories in ways that are applicable to both casual and style-conscious wearers. Bookmark our address now and check back every other week for helpful, inspiring articles and curated, shoppable selections. See you soon!

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